Career Coaching

Design your path

Every student is unique and has a unique journey, so at Career Exploration & Student Employment, we focus on individual coaching. Coaching helps you identify your strengths so you can design a career path. It's all about mentoring, guiding, and empowering you to try different classes, find part-time jobs, discover student organizations, and build skills to make the most of your experience at IU and beyond. 


What is the difference between my academic advisor and career coach?

Career Coaching

Your CE&SE career coach will help you explore your values, interests, personality and skills to discover a major and career you’ll love. You'll learn how to find marketable experiences like part-time jobs and volunteering to develop a strong resume.

Academic Advising

Your AMES academic advisor will help you to schedule classes and make sure you fulfill course requirements in order to get into a specific school. Academic advisors guide students through transitions and help you set your academic goals.