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“How can I make this degree work for me?” “What should I be doing to prepare for my career?” 

If you’ve heard questions like these from your students, we can help you answer them. In fact, there are a few different ways we can partner together to help.

For any questions, please contact Rachel Gerber, Associate Director for University Relations.

Partnering for course assignments

If you are teaching a course that requires or recommends a visit to Career Exploration & Student Employment, you must contact us prior to the start of the semester with a copy of the assignment, the due date, and the number of students expected to visit us. At the beginning of each semester, we will review all requests and determine feasibility based on staff and scheduling.

Please also consider the options below as excellent ways to provide career development content on a larger scale for your class.

  1. CE&SE Workshops and Events: We offer a variety of career-related workshops and events throughout the year. We have Resume Workshops and LinkedIn workshops. Please check our Events Calendar for upcoming event dates and topics. You are welcome to use attendance at our workshops and events as course assignments.
  2. Classroom Career Presentation: In lieu of one-on-one advising, for large class sizes, we are happy to present or teach a lesson/class on exploratory career-related content during your regularly scheduled class time. Please contact Rachel Gerber to discuss this possibility. (Please note that requests from degree-granting schools should go to the relevant career services office.)
  3. IU EDGE Modules: All IU instructors and students services staff members can incorporate professional development topics into courses and curriculum through Canvas. With EDGE, students can:
    • Explore their values, strengths and interests in relation to degrees and careers;
    • Develop an academic plan that connects with careers that excite them;
    • Graduate with a solid plan for furthering their professional goals; and
    • Find employment in a career that they are passionate about!

    The EDGE initiative is led by IU Office of Completion and Student Success.

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