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Students often mention how much family influences their career choices and we know that from talking with family members that you’re not always sure what kind of advice you should be offering. What is too much advice? Is this outdated advice? We understand, and we're here to help!

We often let parents know they should encourage their student to explore career interests early in their college career with a career coach, to get on track fast. We work tirelessly with students to identify their career interests while holistically discussing their skills, values, and personality. Next, we work to identify and prepare materials for part-time jobs, student organizations, leadership opportunities  and internships that will help them achieve career goals. 

Don’t be afraid to talk to them about what helped shape your career path—even the “mistakes.” Remind them that Career Exploration & Student Employment is here to offer one-on-one career coaching and so much more. 

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Hey there. My name is Nathan Langfit. I'm a Senior Assistant Director with Career Exploration & Student Employment here at Indiana University. And I am so excited to welcome your student - your son or daughter - onto our campus here this fall. I'm here for a moment to talk to you a little bit about the number two way of the four main ways that you can prepare for a great career, which is encouraging your student to get involved on this campus. >> I always tell students there's really two reasons that we want to get involved. >> Number one, it's a great way to explore your interests, it's a great way to figure out what might be a good major and eventual career path to take. And number two, it's also a great place to start to get that experience that's going to lead to some opportunities to put on a resume and that first internship, heck, it might be even the volunteering, and that getting involvement could directly lead to an internship here locally that eventually puts your student on the pathway for a great career. So really getting involved, it's also just a great way to get connected to this community. And it can have huge implications for your student's career path going forward. >> So there's really two main ways that I like to tell students they can get involved and how IU can really support that. >> The first one is getting involved with a club, a student organization, an activity. >> And a great way to search those and find different ones is through what we call the beINvolved page. >> beINvolved as a website,, and it is a huge search engine. It's a resource, a depository of sorts of different opportunities, clubs, things, the students use to get involved. You could go in there and basically search any interest, say it is farming or video games or soccer or whatever that might be, search those things in this, and it can help students to know about all of the existing opportunities that might be out there to get involved. >> And this is important because let's say that a student wants to work one day in marketing, but they're really interested in video games. Maybe they could be the marketing person for the video game club. >> You know, it doesn't have to be that the clubs and the activities that we get involved in are directly the career pathway. It could also be that there's just some great opportunities within those clubs to get some skills and to test out different major and career pathways. >> The other thing that we love to encourage students to do is volunteer. Get involved not only here on campus, but also in Bloomington and South Central Indiana. And we have an amazing resource to facilitate that called the IUCorps. Students can go to and search through tons of opportunities to get involved volunteering. >> These could be as short as a one-day opportunity, or as long as a recurring volunteering experience. And they can also be not only for one student, but also for a group of students. >> And again, volunteering is a great place to try out some of these different things that students may be curious about majoring in and eventually pursuing as a career. It also can give them that great experience and also help your son or daughter to give back to the community. >> So again, really excited that your student's going to be here at IU with us. It's going to be a fantastic year and don't hesitate to ask us any questions going forward. >> Thank you so much!

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Hi again! It's Rachel Gerber, Assistant Director at Career Exploration & Student Employment. >> And in this video, I'm going to talk with you about how you as parents can help your student and get them set up for career success by encouraging them to get out there and to build some experience. >> Now we all know that experience is absolutely key and critical to landing that first-time, full-time job after graduation. And that's what we all want for our students, right? >> But here's the million-dollar question: What do we actually mean by experience? And how in the world you start going about getting it? >> Well, the short answer is this: it's that anything, really, can be considered experience if you know how to articulate it. If you think about it. >> Giff at the very first video, he talked about all of the different transferable skills that employers are looking for. Well, all of those things can be really learned it in a lot of different ways. >> Even just a summertime job at Dairy Queen, you can learn good teamwork, you can learn good communication skills, quality control, working with technology, problem-solving. >> All of those things can be learned from part-time jobs. >> Doesn't even just have to be an internship, but an internship is also a lovely way in order to get in the radar of employers and future employers. >> Because 70% of successful internship opportunities oftentimes lead to full-time job offers. >> It's a great opportunity for employers to "test drive" their future employees. >> But in the same breath, it's a great opportunity for your child to also sort of "test drive" that employer and that industry of choice to see if it's going to be a good fit for them. >> So I'm going to show you my screen here about some other ways with some particular websites that you can make sure to check out. >> As Career Exploration & Student Employment, we actually host a student employment site where we have job postings both on campus as well as in the greater community with employers that are looking to hire part-time workers, IU students. And these are great opportunities. They're super flexible because they know they're hiring students. And it's a great opportunity to get out there and to build some experience. >> We also have tons of career fairs that are hosted by our particular schools. >> And they have recruiters come in from particular industries that are looking to hire IU students. This is an awesome opportunity for students to go, not only to see what employers want, IU students, but also to be able to have that one-on-one conversation with these recruiters to ask them about, in particular, what kind of things are you looking for? What kind of experiences are you looking for? >> And then they can be intentional about creating those types of experiences here while they're still in college before they graduate. >> So they're going to be poised and ready to launch into the world of work. >> Even for first-year students, I really recommend students going to these job fairs when they're able to. Because like I said, it gives them that inserted look about what, and to be strategic about how to actually craft the next four years of their lives so they're going to be ready to hit the ground running. >> So, and also, I should also mention that a byproduct of having part-time jobs, doing internships, getting involved with volunteering to build that experience, that when students are doing something up to ten hours a week apart from their studies, the best byproduct is that it oftentimes makes their GPA go up because of time management and all that other stuff. So, that's a great byproduct building experience. And who doesn't want that?

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Hey there. My name is Nathan Langfit. I'm with Career Exploration & Student Employment at Indiana University. We are so excited for your student to get started here at IU in the fall. >> I want to talk to you for a little bit right now about the number four way that you can encourage your son or daughter to get involved in the career development process. And that is to encourage active participation. >> There are a lot of resources that we can talk about with this, some that involve meeting with a career coach, and often quite a few that you can do from wherever you might be. We have resume guides and cover letter guides that can help to start this process of putting together these very important professional documents. We also maintain major guides and career guides on our website that have tons of information that students can explore before, during, and after they meet with a career coach. We also maintain a student employment website, that is >> And that is where students can search on-campus jobs where they can start to get this experience. We also help students learn more about negotiation and interviewing. And we help students to start to really see the IU campus as their first network that will eventually branch out into a larger professional network. >> For some students, this looks like getting involved, some students that looks like making a LinkedIn profile and connecting to our many alumni who are all over the world. >> And, really, it's just helping students to start to see that they can start building their network right now. And encouraging your son or daughter to meet with us and talk about these things can really help to start that process. >> We also help some students get connected to different resources that can make the transition into graduate school easier as well. >> So I really hope that you will encourage your son or daughter to get connected to Career Exploration & Student Employment or all of the different career offices on the IU campus once they start in the fall. >> We cannot wait to meet them and hopefully get to meet you at some point too. >> Thank you!

Our services for your student

If your student is in not yet  officially admitted into a school, they are part of what is referred to as Advising & Major Exploration Services at IU.  Your student will work with Career Exploration & Student Employment until they are admitted into their major degree-granting school. 

To make things easier, we have assigned a specific career coach to them, so at any time they have a go-to person for their career planning needs. One of the most common ways to connect with a career coach is through a one-on-one career coaching session. We most commonly cover the following topics:

  • Career and Major Exploration
  • Career Fair Preparation
  • Resume and Cover Letters
  • Part-time Job and Internship Search Strategies
  • Interview Preparation (includes mock interview)
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and Strong Interest Inventory (SII)
  • Networking

During your student's first year at IU, they might consider getting a part-time job to help cover some financial responsibilities and develop relevant skills to market to future employers and graduate school acceptance committees.

Each year Career Exploration & Student Employment hosts two job fairs. Information for these fairs is below on our Student Employment website:

Summer Jobs & Internships Fair

Fall Part-time Jobs Fair


We host events throughout the year on various career topics including resumes and LinkedIn. Your student might see us present in a class or for their student organization. 

Your student's Handshake account gives them access to thousands of part-time job postings (includes work-study positions) and internships. This isn't just another random job board, but rather a place where employers come to recruit IU students. 

Your student can also do the following in Handshake:

  • Post resumes and cover letters
  • View upcoming events
  • Sign up for interview times when employers are visiting campus
  • Browse a database of thousands of industry contacts
  • View lists of employers scheduled to attend upcoming career fairs

Your student can begin researching careers, downloading career handouts, and reviewing industry specific resources in our professionally curated career resource library.  

CE&SE Resource Library

Our team created 8 career communities, containing 25 career guides that offer resources for career research and ways to get involved on campus and in the Bloomington community.

CE&SE Career Communities

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