Neurodiverse Students

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Accessible Educational Services for Students

AES is dedicated to ensuring that students with medical conditions have the tools, support services, and resources they need to be successful at IU.

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Students on the Spectrum (SOS) Club

The SOS Club is an inclusive organization for students who live with autism spectrum disorder or consider themselves neurodiverse. The club is centered around helping students stay socially connected, become effective self-advocates, and explore different support and activities within the community.

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The Neurodiversity Coalition at IU

The Neurodiversity Coalition consists of students, staff, faculty, and community members who strive to make Indiana University a more inclusive place for students who are neurodiverse.

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Alumni success story

"No one has it all together, even if it looks like they do. Transitions are really hard whether you have a disability or you don't. Just know that everyone is trying to figure out what the career-driven version of you looks like."

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