Develop the skills required to communicate, articulate ideas and experiences effectively with persons inside and outside of your organization across multiple modalities.

A person with communication skills will:

  • Communicate in a clear and organized manner so that others can effectively understand.
  • Frame communication with respect to diversity of learning styles, varied individual communication abilities, and cultural differences.
  • Ask appropriate questions for specific information from supervisors, specialists, and others.
  • Promptly inform relevant others when needing guidance with assigned tasks.

Ways to develop

There are many ways for students to develop their oral and written communication skills, including a wide variety of classes and student organizations. Here are just a few examples:

Go to beINvolved and do an organization search for up-to-date results as the following list is not likely to be completely comprehensive.

  • Toastmasters at the Kelley School of Business
  •  Mock Trial at IU
  • 21st Century Scholars Leadership Corps
  • Beth Wood Chapter of Public Relations Student Society of America at IU
  • Debate Team at IU
  • Report the World at Indiana University

Gain skills through employment

Not a lot of time? Check out ways to gain skills through micro-internships and virtual work simulations.

Explore short-term projects

Meet with your career coach

Looking for more ways to develop your professional skills? Consider meeting with your career coach! They will identify resources for you and help you find ways to build professional experience.

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